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Preemie Pack.JPG

Donation Drive for Preemies

Mostly informational site is to promote an annual drive to create care packages for families local hospitals.


School Program Site

Jaguar Orchestra

This multimedia site was put together to honor the senior class of 2020 during the COVID 19 quarantine.

Wedding Site

Lopez Wedding

This is a fun way to get the word out about your budding relationship. You can use your engagement photos to begin! Direct your guests to your online registry or send the link as a save the date. 

Ministry Site

Sueños Realizados

Get your message out to all the world. Start a blog to show what's happening in your church or youth group! Create your own  member's forum where your team can share ideas and devotionals.

Baby Jet

This site is filled photo galleries and a wonderful announcement! Keep your baby's photo album online. Plus! Easy access for family members anywhere they live. 

Restaurant Site

Fat Cat Pizza

This 4 page site was put together to promote a restaurant. It looks  so yummy! Too bad it doesn't exist. This was part of the work that helped Fabian get his Wix certification. Call today!