Your Mind and Success

Success starts in the mind but some people feel lost as to why that is. Often, they feel like there is no hope in their efforts to change their financial situations. I say you have more influence over your future than you can see right now but you first have to believe it.

There is a template for success. Successful people will see what other success stories have done then imitate them. Once you see yourself start following a proven plan you become a little more confident because you know that it will lead to a better financial circumstance. When you feel in control, you feel positive about yourself and your situations. You dream bigger, experiment more and plan for further in the future. When you feel that you are not in control your thoughts tend to spiral towards pessimism. Because thoughts and feelings are connected, this is severely debilitating in respect to innovation, creativity and morale.

In most cases, Americans have this sense of inner control over their lives. They’re the type of people that say to themselves “I can lead my own destiny” and “my decisions will determine the outcome of my future.” They feel like they maintain control how their life turns out. You can have that sense of empowerment too. Remember, you may not be able to control everything but you can respond and focus on the things you can control. Details are vital. Start with the things you can. Be thoughtful and intentional. Start with what goes on in your mind. Create a plan. Start building. Focus on relationships that will feed your business now before opportunity arises. When opportunity arises suddenly, you will be prepared. In fact, when other people see you are prepared, you will attract other successful people. Then you will realize for yourself you have more of a say so over your financial life than you think.

When asked about dealing with incurable Parkinson's disease, Michael J. Fox responded with profound insight about acceptance and expectation. He gave the answer in two parts. "My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance and inversely proportional to my expectation. If I could just accept what my situation is then I can nuance it." Later in the interview he gave this response when the subject came up again. "I live with acceptance and not expectation. Acceptance is not resignation. It's acknowledging the truth and being empowered by it." The audience erupted in applause. Why? We’ve all felt that sense of hopelessness at one time but his transparency gives us a reason to believe we can bring about change. My inner optimist says in agreement there is always an answer to every problem.

At first, the situation may seem insurmountable but starting towards accomplishing your goals now will help you get a little bit closer to creating your own success. Your outlook will look different if you maintain that long term plan mentally. You won’t be driven like a wave back and forth with the day to day happenings. You will look for broader patterns and movements in your financial situations. This will focus all the steps, large or small, to align with your end goal. With all this movement and strategy focused on one point, your pace towards that goal will move you along more quickly. The change needs to happen in you first. There is a clear path towards influence which brings about change and change for the better increases your chances for success.

Look here how one stage leads to another. Your thoughts can bring up emotions. So be careful what you think. Your emotions lead to actions. Your repeated actions create habits. Your habit builds your character. Your character will build your reputation. Your reputation will lead to influence or lack of it. People will see you’re winning. Then two thoughts will come to people’s minds “they are winning let’s follow them” or “they got lucky, they started in a better situation than us.” Your focus is not on that though, you’re molding and shaping the climate around you. With more influence, you can bring more change.

Thoughts > Emotions > Actions > Habits > Character > Reputation > Influence > Change

Your inner real thoughts are the foundation for your success. You will solve problems and decide to push through hard situations with your mind. This is in spite of your emotions. You will plan, create and plan again to build a system to make money and to keep from money going out. This will help you build wealth.

This is the real secret to creating your own success. You’ve got to think it out. Think it out! Then do it. Then do it tomorrow. Then every day after that. Start now. Contact us now.

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